How a PEO Can Help

You Expand Into The

U.S. Market

Your business is thriving and you’re ready to expand your operations to another country.

It sounds like a dream, right? Until it’s time for you to begin deciphering local laws and bending over backwards to meet all tax, labor and regulatory requirements in a foreign country. We get it, this process can feel an awful lot like learning a new language. That’s why Empower Consulting Partners is here to walk you through it.

Whether you’re a long-standing company looking to expand into the U.S or launching a new division in the American market, leveraging the services of a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) can be a great avenue for you to explore. Here’s how working with one can help you hire staff abroad, take care of your overseas HR requirements, and keep your business compliant throughout every step of the way.

Attract and retain top talent in the U.S.

PEO stands for Professional Employer Organization — a United States based partner company that provides a variety of Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits, Workers Compensation, and Compliance services. It aggregates it clients under an umbrella, under which they are eligible to buy premium insurance and add-on perks at surprisingly competitive rates. This grants potential clients like you the ability to build attractive benefit packages that draw great new employees in the United States.

Stay compliant and reduce your liability abroad.

When you work with a PEO or human resource consultant in the U.S., there is an extra layer of insulation to protect you, from a liability standpoint. Because there is a shared responsibility between the PEO and the client, there are additional checks and balances put into place. PEOs are responsible for preventing any errors in reporting and for issuing corrections if needed. This saves you time for focusing on the bottom-line — growing your revenue and expanding into new markets like the U.S.

Outsource tedious HR and payroll tasks and keep your benefits competitive.

A PEO located in the United States can manage everything related to your payroll records — punch-ins and punch-outs, vacation and sick-time accruals, and so on. The best part? They can also provide specialized reports whenever you need them. Another great thing about working with a PEO or human resources consultant in the U.S. is having someone on call who can help you institute any new perks you choose. No need to figure out how to deploy that 401K account on your own.

In addition to helping local businesses save money and increase their overall productivity, PEOs also provide an array of useful advantages to businesses looking to expand into the U.S. market.

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