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Empower Consulting Partners can grant you additional resources and expertise so that you can identify the best possible PEO solutions for your clients based on their unique needs.

Whether you have a competitor knocking down your door, turned away business to non-renewals, have clients who are looking for new workforce service options, or are facing a challenging workers comp situation, we’re here to help. If you are a P&C Broker, Insurance Agent, CPA, Payroll Representative, Legal or Tax Advisor, B2B CFO or other key person in a client advisory position, we would like to hear from you. Together we can:

  • Compete with national and multinational agencies on a leveled playing field
  • Increase your commission and retention rates with existing clients and new prospects
  • Build long-lasting client relationships rather than following a transactional sales process
  • Negotiate better rates when working directly with a PEO

Please fill out the contact form to set up a mutually convenient time for us to connect. We look forward to working with you.

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